Monitoring Performance

The world is buzzing with data, and you can readily acquire systems that provide a wealth of information – but what do you really need to know?

With a background in finance and Information Systems, I have a simple approach to this issue:

  1. Only collect data if you can turn it into useful information
  2. information is only useful if you use it to inform your decisions.

To check whether your organisation could benefit from this approach, how about asking yourself the reverse:

  1. Do you ever make decisions without adequate information, or in conflict with it?
  2. Do you ever use information that is based on incomplete or ambiguous data?

My approach will bring you to the point where:

  • you are clear where you want the organisation to go
  • members of the team have access to information systems that indicate where they are, and where they are heading
  • individuals make decisions based on considered interpretation of sound information, gathered from valid and complete data.

Consider working with me or contact me now to take the next step towards seeing the wood for the trees.