Create plans

Creating practical plans

A useful plan is practical, motivating, reassuring and prepares for the unexpected.
An unwanted plan is restrictive, theoretical and based more on guesswork than research.
A plan is created by thinking it through – writing it just helps you share your thoughts with somebody else.

How I can help you create useful plans that you want to follow

  • Create, review or revise your business plan. Most people are encouraged to produce a plan on starting a business, but it can often feel more of a chore than an exciting journey, and rarely gets revised. A good plan is the end of a process that considers what you want and how you will get it. My value is in discussing your intentions with you in detail and keeping the aims up-to-date. Who writes the plan is less important than the thinking process to create it.
  • Calculate the financial viability. Any good idea should pay its way to give you long term benefit. You might find it valuable to have a simple way to decide whether your project is viable, and I can help you assess your own thoughts quickly and simply.
  • Develop a specific plan for getting grants or funding. You almost always have to write a plan to someone else’s rules in order to get investment or grant funding. I have a lot of experience, especially in the grant arena, and can provide a range of services to help you express how your intentions fit someone else’s requirements.

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