Example projects

Here is a list to illustrate some real projects in which in which I have helped a business start up or grow, or assisted a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation to prosper. Any social enterprise or charity needs to get the business elements right to be able to keep delivering the outcomes they want to, whether or not they are interested in profit.

Do use the list to trigger some thoughts about improving life in your business.

Start a business

  • Reality check – discussion on whether an idea could become a viable business, and what could make it even more likely to succeed
  • Start a business check list – discuss what experience you have already, and what steps you need to take to form a business
  • Planning for success – guidance in writing a practical business plan that will be relevant to you and informative to banks or funding opportunities
  • Ongoing coaching – regular conversations to keep your goals in mind and discuss your next steps

Grow a business

  • Research and define your customers – a practical project to define your core customer base and make plans for effective marketing
  • Keep improving – create customer surveys and improve your quality
  • Develop new ideas – Creative sessions to generate ideas, assess their viability and write an action plan
  • Projects and grants – defining the scope and planning a project, writing bids for grants or funding
  • Financial models – create a spreadsheet which you can use to to explore pricing and other options, monitor performance or see if an idea is viable
  • Set up a team – get used to delegating, subcontracting, employing or building an effective team. Coaching and / or workshops
  • Improve your systems – set up ways to keep your records, track enquiries, monitor cash flow and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), schedule a production line or manage a project


  • Motivate – coaching the business owner in their own life balance, motivating themselves and others
  • Involve – coaching or workshops in working with personalities and engaging with people. Facilitating a group to define objectives, create a plan and work together
  • Educate – workshops on a variety of practical business and management skills, from finance to human behaviour. Setting up an intranet or online learning system

Grant Funding

  • Help you make an application – if you have found a grant or other funding source, I can help you clarify your idea, organise your research and detail and express it in a way that the funder can relate to
  • Help your grant reach the right applicants – I have run individual and group sessions to help applicants understand what is required and prepare a high quality application
  • Appraise project applications – I have a good reputation for conducting thorough appraisals which offer practical comments and feedback

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